Craig Mezrow MS, MD, FACS

Acne Management

The Acne Program is 4 weeks long and uses the latest in high-tech medical equipment to treat the very cause of the acne lesions, namely the bacterial overgrowth, to hasten the elimination of active acne lesions and help to prevent future breakouts.

The Program consists of the following therapies:


Glycolic Peels:

These gentle peels, use high frequency ultrasound waves to smoothen the texture of the skin and, through a gentle process called cavitation, liquefy the sebaceous plugs that obstruct the sebaceous glands and enhance their drainage. In so doing, the Ultra Sonic Peels minimize the build up of acne causing bacteria at the base of sebaceous glands. Four Peels are administered during the 4 week acne program.

The Syneron Elos Intense Pulsed Blue Light:

These unique Intense Light devices emit UV-safe, intense blue light that strikes the acne dense regions of the skin and kills the bacteria that cause the acne. Each session is a simple, painless, 10-minute outpatient treatment with no downtime. The sessions of pulsed blue light are scheduled twice weekly and the patient can return to work after each treatment.


Comprehensive Medical Assessment and Care:

Each patient is assessed by the Aesthetic Team. Patients are prescribed with a skin care home regime; complete with the most effective medical skin care products.


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For those acne patients with persistent redness of the skin, acne scars or rough texture and dark pigmentation of the acne lesions, FotoFacial™ light therapy will help to smoothen the skin and decrease pigmentation of the acne lesions The FotoFacial RF treatments only begin after the blue light treatments have controlled the active outbreaks.

Candidates include Teenagers with acne and Women/Men over 18 years of age (those younger must be accompanied by a parent), who have adult onset acne.

Intended Results:

The 4 week Acne Program is effective in 80% of all Acne patients After 4 weeks of treatments, there is an average 60% clearance of all Acne lesions 70% clearance after 6 weeks.

These results are 3 times faster than antibiotic or Accutane therapy alone.
Maintenance Blue light treatments once monthly can help control the number of Acne outbreaks.

The FotoFacial™ treatments will improve any acne scar pigmentation by 70% and Smoothen the appearance of the Acne scars by up to 30% .



Procedure Description:

Pulsed Blue Light - Radiofrequency treatments are performed twice weekly for one month (8 treatments). Each treatment lasts 15 minutes, is painless and the patient can return to work immediately.

Chemical Peels with Salicylic Acid are performed in the first two weeks. The Peel is painless and takes 25 minutes to complete. The patient can return to work immediately.

FotoFacials™; Five FotoFacials™ are included. Each takes 45 minutes to complete, has minimal discomfort and allows the patient to return to work immediately.

Recuperation and Healing:

Our Acne program allows patients to return to activities immediately after each treatment in the majority of instances.

Insurance Guidelines:

The Acne Program and management is considered cosmetic and, therefore, is not covered by insurance. All patients acne concerns must be primarily cosmetic.

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