Craig Mezrow MS, MD, FACS

What is a Deep Chemical Peel?

Deep wrinkles and sun damaged can be improved with a deep chemical skin peel, or phenol peel, which is the strongest, most aggressive of the chemical peels.


Who is a candidate?

A candidate for phenol peel will typically have deep facial wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. The deep wrinkles may involve the entire face or regions such as around the mouth or under the eyes. After obtaining a comprehensive medical and surgical history, Dr. Mezrow will examine your skin. The skin color and degree of wrinkles will be assessed.

Consulting with Dr. Mezrow:

During the consultation, Dr. Mezrow will ask you about your particular concerns regarding your skin. This will help determine your expectations and determine whether they can be realistically achieved.

How is the procedure done?

A full-face phenol deep chemical peel takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to perform whereas smaller regions take less than 1 hour to perform. After cleansing the region to be treated, phenol is applied. There is a mild burning sensation as the chemical is applied. Following the chemical peel, petroleum jelly is applied generously over the region treated to facilitate healing for approximately one week.

Typically, unless phenol peel is performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures, no anesthesia is necessary, so that you will be awake throughout the procedure. When surgery is completed, you will be taken into a recovery area where you will continue to be closely monitored. Petroleum ointment will be applied to the regions treated.

Chemical phenol peel is performed on an outpatient basis. You may be permitted to go home after recovery.



What are the potential complications?

Fortunately, significant complications from phenol peel are infrequent, however, all surgery has risks. Dr. Mezrow will discuss with you, the risks, benefits and alternatives and answer all your questions Some potential complications include infection, scarring, delayed healing and skin color changes (abnormal pigmentation).


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When can I return to work?

Typically, you may return to work in approximately one week.

How long is the healing process?

During the healing process, there will be slight swelling and the skin will typically be bright red-pink and slowly fade over time.

It is imperative to avoid sun exposure for approximately one week during the healing process and then once the skin has healed, it is essential to wear sunscreen. During your follow-up appointments with Dr. Mezrow, you will be instructed when to discontinue the petroleum ointment, transition to moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up.

Deep phenol peel will improve deep facial wrinkles and decrease sun-damaged skin obtaining a more refreshed, younger skin appearance. It is not uncommon to be more confident about your appearance.
Healing from your surgery is a process that takes time for final result.

You will be instructed to return to Dr. Mezrow’s office for follow-up care at prescribed intervals to monitor your progress and optimize your outcome.

The effects of phenol chemical peel are long lasting and should last for many years.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to surgery or during your recovery, you should contact Dr. Mezrow.