I had wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I could remember. I was 27 years old and my boobs didn’t even fill out an “A” cup. I had always thought about getting a boob job, but I didnt know if I could actually go through with it. I thought I was being materialistic for surgically altering my body for cosmetic reasons. I always considered myself extremely self confident, so why was it so important to me to have boobs anyway? I finally justified it to myself that it was something I looked in the mirror and wished I could change every single day. It was something I wanted so badly that I even told my future husband that I had no interest in a ring, I wanted “engagement boobs.” We began looking into doctors, and Dr. Mezrow came highly recommended to me by a close friend. Through his attention to detail, his personality, and his professionalism he made me feel at ease and gained my confidence by day one. He took painstaking care to help me pick out boobs that fit my body perfectly. At one point I couldnt decide between two sizes, and he was more than willing to make an emergency appointment with me, just days before my surgery, to reassure me that I was choosing the right size. The surgery went flawlessly, and afterwards he called to check in on me several times a week. He made it quite clear to me that he was available to talk any time day or night. Now it has been three months since my surgery. I still look in the mirror everyday, only now I love my
boobs. They look so natural on me that my grandmother told me how beautiful they were. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Mezrow to anyone considering a breast augmentation.

Craig Mezrow