I was diagnosed with a muscle disease several years ago and because of this my muscle on the left side of my abdomen thinned and formed a hernia. my family physician told me that i would need surgery to relieve the pain. i went to several surgeons that would not help me. i then decided to go to dr. mezrow. as soon as i walked into his office i felt comfortable. he did a full evaluation and told me that he could help me. he took his time to evaluate all my labs and MRIs and finally we scheduled the surgery. after the surgery he made sure i was comfortable and call me everyday for two weeks to make sure i was ok. after healing, i couldn’t believe my pain was gone and the lump was barely noticeable. since then, i do return to the office for injectables on my face. he does such a great job, that people have told me how great i look (so natural). i never met a doctor like dr. mezrow, he doesn’t treat you like a patient, but more like a family member. i would recommend him to anyone. thank you for everything. luv you.

Craig Mezrow