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Breast Implants Philadelphia

Cosmetic breast surgery has undergone many advances in the recent past, and breast implants in Philadelphia are no exception to the rule! Plastic surgeons in Philadelphia are trained in the latest cutting edge techniques which allow for better shapes and smaller scars! In turn women desiring to enhance their breasts, have become increasingly satisfied with this particular procedure, making it one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries in Philadelphia.


Types of Breast Implants in Philadelphia

The general types of breast implants in Philadelphia, as well as the rest of the US, are subglandular (over), subpectoral (partially under), and full submuscular (fully under).



This surgery places the implants over the chest muscle but under the glands and breast tissue. This offers the advantages of less pain and faster healing time after surgery, as well as being easier to fix if the breasts begin to sag in time. This type of implant is great for the woman seeking implants with a more natural looking movement while walking or using the chest muscles.


This procedure is a bit more involved placing the implant between the two chest muscles, allowing for better coverage of the implant on the outer and inner top area of the breast. This allows for a more natural, less rounded looking cleavage. This is great for the woman with little existing breast tissue, trying to avoid the “wow, those are fake” look, but looking for that little extra boost of self-satisfaction regarding her body!




This technique places the implant beneath several layers of muscle and tissue which effect breast shape and size, including but not limited to the chest muscles. Offering complete coverage (depending on the size of course!) and nearly complete support, these implants virtually eliminate rippling and give the breasts a more natural slope on top. This procedure is catching on, but is not practiced as often as the previous procedures, so make sure you find a surgeon experienced in this technique!

Along those lines, finding the right surgeon is a crucial decision, second only to deciding whether breast implants are right for you!

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