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Breast Augmentation Pennsylvania

The number of breast augmentations in Pennsylvania continues to grow, as the women of this historic state refuse to remain old fashioned! Women who are unhappy with their breast are enhancing them!


This trend is also one that has been seen nationally among women of all states, in fact:

  • Breast augmentation is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the nation.

  • The number of breast augmentation surgeries increased almost 500% since 1992!

  • Over 200,000 women had breast augmentation in 2000 alone!

Since it is widely accepted by most women in our modern society, breast implants are no longer limited to Hollywood actresses such as Pamela Anderson.

In addition, breast augmentation can produce dramatic physical and mental results for the average woman. With current medical technology women have the opportunity to change the size and shape of their breasts as little or as much as they desire.

By offering several options, Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Mezrow is able to create individualized results for the vast array of women who have many different needs and requests when it comes to their breasts.

Over years of specialty practice doing breast augmentation Dr. Mezrow realizes how important it is that each woman is satisfied with the look of her breasts, and that one size does not fit all!

Types of Placement for Pennsylvania Breast Augmentation

Whether you are in Pennsylvania or any other state, the two goals of every surgical breast augmentation technique are to place the implant into the correct position in the safest manner with the intention of minimizing surgical scars. This can be done in a number of ways:


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Trans-umbilical endoscopic augmentation (TUBA)

A technique which virtually eliminates any visible scars. The surgeon guides a camera-assisted device through the belly button and up to the chest in order to insert the breast implant. This is stated much more simply than the actual procedure which should be done by a physician with a lot of experience due to the lack of research and higher rate of complications compared with other approaches.

Inframammary technique

The surgeon makes an incision at the bottom of the breast where it attaches to the chest. For most women this incision will always be covered by the actual lobe of the breast unless they are lying down.



Transaxillary techniqued

Making an incision in the armpit avoids scarring on the breast. This popular technique has more complications than the inframammary technique but much less than the TUBA procedure.

Periareolar technique

The surgeon makes an incision around the nipple which has a natural color contrast to the rest of the breast skin. The resulting scar is usually barely visible and the procedure itself it extremely safe and favored by many plastic surgeons.

While it is not vital that you know every specific detail about each individual procedure, it is vital that you find an experienced plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable discussing your options. Choosing your surgeon ranks second only to the decision to enhance your self-image with breast augmentation.

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